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Looking For Your Tribe?

If you're a Christian woman; an entrepreneur or leader with a passion to discover your God-given dreams; If you're serious about committing to see those dreams fulfilled; If you are ready to fully embrace your God-given identity and dare to be all you were born to be; then you have found your tribe....the Company of Dreamers! Together let's partner with heaven to see our God-sized dreams become reality!


Company of Dreamers exists to EMPOWER you.....


to SEE what God sees.....(Getting HIS vision for your life & the world)


to AGREE with what God says.....(Aligning your purpose with His & shifting your mindset to blow the limits off)


to BE all that God created you to be.....(Transitioning your dreams from ideas to reality & boldly living out your true calling & identity)


We exist to EQUIP realise your full potential by providing spiritual insight, inspiration & motivation, financial & business strategies, and tangible, executable plans to enable your God-given dreams to be fulfilled.


We exist to ESTABLISH....a movement of Christian women as massive catalysts for change in our individual spheres of influence, birthing a global gathering of world changers!


We are a tribe....a community with a difference....who encourage, inspire & support each other to believe that we can each become God's very best version of ourselves.


Through this movement we will make a BIG difference....creating opportunities for those without hope, financial stability for those in poverty & a renewed sense of identity for those with no self-worth.


How do we do this?


Well…..first of all we connect you! Connection & belonging is SO important to us as women! So…in our online community, you will benefit from encouragement, support and inspiration from our sisterhood of beautiful, amazing, world-changing women just like you! We're all super passionate about 'soaring' into our God-given dreams! We're challenging each other and championing each other in becoming all we are called to why not hop over and join us....wherever you're at in your journey? It's truly amazing to see women in here from all over the globe who are finding their tribe and a safe place to hang out and grow together! We'd love to have you join us!  (Click here to join the FREE Facebook global gathering now)


We offer a series of workshops & online training covering various themes…..everything from discovering your God-sized dreams, doing business supernaturally, money mindset, getting unstuck in faith, life & business, and powerful business strategies for multiple streams of passive income. These are available individually and some are included as part of our paid membership programme 'The Tribe'  which opens up for enrolment just three times a year.


As part of the company….Local Networking Lunches & Live Events will also be scheduled in variations locations internationally at various times throughout the year giving you the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with some of the awesome women you’ve got to know in our online community.


One to One Bespoke Coaching Sessions are also available for those who want to take it to the next level and want personal support & accountability.

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